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Liverpool Lil's
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I’ve had the hamburger here before, and I remembered it being really good. And that’s exactly what it was, really good.

The Liverpool Burger is an 8 oz. Angus beef patty with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo and some type of cheese (I got Gruyere) on a sesame kaiser bun for $12.95, which included some french fries. A little pricey compared to what I’ve eaten so far.

The meat met most of my requirements; cooked medium, liked the taste and the outside was nice and crisp. On the down side, the meat was not quite the mess I want – there were no juices dripping down my hands and arms. The burger should have come with grilled onions, but I didn’t want them. I think they probably would have added a lot to the overall taste. The bun wasn’t top notch, it was toasted but maybe a touch stale.

The fries were good, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. However, when I ate there a couple weeks earlier the fries weren’t crispy enough. So the fry crispy quality is variable.

In conclusion I would say that the Liverpool Burger is good stuff, but still not my go-to burger.

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  1. Houston says:

    I found the meat to be bland. A good burger patty is flavorful enough to be eaten on its own, either through seasoning or because it is of high quality (of both)…and this one was neither. (I learned this from growing up in cattle country and from a stint of low carb eating when I ordered my burgers without buns.) And just so you know “Angus” is a marketing ploy. The Angus growers think their meat is better than others so they got an Angus “certification” program put in place to lead us to believe their meat is superior to others. Angus does have some qualities that other beef does not but at this point even fast food chains are touting “Angus”…so it isn’t anything special. Tell me that it is Niman Ranch, Marin Sun Valley, grass fed, organic etc “Angus” and I will be impressed but just saying “Angus” is like putting all your money on “Romaine” lettuce in your signature salad. It just isn’t that special and really says little about the quality or flavour of a dish.

    This burger fell into the category of “I would drive around for a while searching for another burger place try before settling on this again.”

    The one good thing was the service. They didn’t bat and eyelash at adding bacon to my burger even though it wasn’t listed anywhere on the menu. THAT is the kind of service I like and is pushing me closer and closer to just not even bothering to look at the menu but just ordering a “bacon cheese burger” as soon as I am asked for my order. LOL

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