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This would have been five stars if it wasn’t so much trouble!

First of all, I had to make a lunch reservation (the burger is only served at lunch). Who ever makes a reservation to eat a burger? A burger reviewer, that’s who. And no one else.

Second, it took way too long for our server to come. Then a long time for the food to come. Then a long time to get the check. Lunch ended up taking nearly two hours! And that doesn’t include travel time!

The burger however, was fantastic. As listed on the menu: American Kobe Beef Burger – Cowgirl Creamery’s Wagon Wheel Cheese, Heirloom Tomato, House Made Bun, Little Gem Lettuce, French Fries – $15.75.

The presentation was oh so perty with the little doily tucked into the fry pot. When I picked up the burger for the first time it started dripping before I even bit into it – good sign! It was cooked very well, not as in temperature, but as in just-the-way-I-like-it (medium rare). The meat was so soft and smooth – almost too smooth – like the burger didn’t have any character. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying every bite.

The french fries were awesome too! Very crispy and soft in the middle. I probably ate a few too many of them.

So it boils down to a tasty, too-smooth burger against a high price and lots of hassle. Hence, the star subtraction. Sorry Evan, its not my perfect burger, but it came pretty close!

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