Acme Burgerhaus

Acme Burgerhaus
3 out of 5 Stars

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559 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117 Map

The burger itself was too simple. It was juicy, but lacked some unique flavoring. There was a condiments bar, which is cool, but I’m starting to think this is because of lazy employees (ridiculous, I know). $6.95 for the plain burger plus the cost of fries and drink.

The fries were ok, but I was not compelled to continue eating them beyond fullness. When fries are really good I just keep eating, no matter how full I get. I didn’t order the onion rings, but they looked really good from afar.

I didn’t like the atmosphere at all. On a Saturday night, it was loud, and there was no where to sit. The have some super cheap beer though, which might be why it was so full. Happy hour is from 3p – 10p and beer is $1.25. The stool I managed to commandeer was extremely wobbly, and another customer fell off of his stool while I was there!

So the burger was decent, but not worth it considering the loud people and shitty seating. Also, Nopa is across the street.

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