Brickhouse Cafe & Bar

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar
3 out of 5 Stars

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426 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107 Map

I had a burger at Brickhouse a while back, actually it was probably over a year ago. I remember really like the burger, so I was excited to have another one. When I sat down and looked at the menu it was very hard to choose a burger. They have a plain, typical, Big Ass Burger and a bunch of “fun” burgers like Blue Moon Burger, Western BBQ Burger, and Mexican Burger. I opted for the simple Big Ass Burger, cooked the way I like it – medium-rare – for $10 (comes with fries), add cheese ($1). And my dining buddy, Steve, got the Blue Moon Burger (bleu cheese, buffalo sauce and romaine lettuce).

When the burgers arrived mine looked very plain and lonely, while Steve’s was packed with toppings. Taking a bite only confirmed what I was afraid of after looking at it – there wasn’t much going on. The meat wasn’t pink enough on the inside and it just wasn’t messy enough. There was hardly anything dripping from it onto my plate. I was so disappointed.

Then I took a bite of Steve’s Blue Moon, and my mouth was overfilled with joy. That burger was so much better than mine! Its clear to me now that I must have had a “fun” burger last time I was there. And if you go there, I highly recommend choosing from the fun category.

So, based on the fact that my burger was ok (it was still edible, though boring) and Steve’s burger was awesome, I’m going to give Brickhouse a semi-decent score. Oh yeah, and the fries were alright, not fabulous, not lousy.

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