Ella’s Restaurant

Ella's Restaurant
3 out of 5 Stars

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500 Presidio Ave
San Francisco, CA 94115 Map

Ella’s Burger: Niman Ranch ground chuck, organic cheddar, fried shallots, roasted tomato aioli, on house made brioche, herbed french fries – $12.00. Add Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon for $2.00 (I did not).

What a huge burger! Honestly, I couldn’t finish it. As you can see from the photo some of the toppings were on the side. Once I put it all together it was quite a beast to tackle! After figuring out how to pick it up I discovered that it was going to be dripping all over my plate, and as you may know I love a good mess.

However, the meat was plain. There were no spices or flavorings of any kind so I wasn’t very impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good average burger, but it’s not special.

This wasn’t mentioned in the description, but there were some crispy grilled onions on the burger. They were good and added great contrasting flavor, but there weren’t enough of them to make a difference.

You’ll also notice some pickles in the photo, those were tasty. Kind of dill-like a bit of sweet AND sour. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I liked those the best!

The fries were too soft for me, I like them crispy. But the sage flavoring was a nice touch, a little different.

I give them a three for having a good average burger. And huge for the price!

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