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Holy Grill
4 out of 5 Stars

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659 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA 94103 Map

We have found the Holy Grill! Or, I should say, a place called “Holy Grill” in SOMA. Aside from being in a convenient spot (for dinner), the Holy Grill offers some cute burger options, like: Holy, Epiphany, Pagan and Trinity. I ordered the Epiphany, which means it comes with cheese. Straight from their menu: the “burgers are made with 6 oz of hand formed Meyer’s Ranch 100% natural Angus beef, grilled medium well, served on a Sciambra bakery bun with crisp lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and Holy Sauce (Holy Sauce = ketchup, mayo, sweet relish and dab of dijon)”. With a simple side of fries and soft drink the total comes to around $11.

First response: what a fantastic mess! I was afraid to set the burger down, thinking I may never pick it up again in such a way that it would retain its burger form. The flavor was good, though it wasn’t cooked the way I like it (pink on the inside, crispy on the outside). They get points for the mess and the price, but not for the way it was cooked. However, this won’t stop me from going back to try some of their other cute burger options.

The parking is really easy in the evening and they deliver, but only for orders over $25 — which, with their great prices, will be hard to reach. The fries were fairly good and the onion rings were crispy delicious. If you’d like to try the Holy Grill you can get 50% off with this discounted voucher for your smart phone from Mobile Spinach (only available for 4 weeks on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry Torch; Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox 4.0).

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