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KronnerBurger on Yelp

2379 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110 Map

The KronnerBurger — $11, plus french fries — $4. You can also add marrow for $4, but it’s kind of not worth it.

This burger was recommended to me by one of my favorite chefs, Guillermo at Dear Mom, AND our food tour guide, Melissa from Avital Tours. When I looked into it, I failed to notice the “salty” and “rare” note on the web site.

They aren’t kidding about the salty part, holy crap this thing was salty. That was the first thing I noticed when I bit into it. I got a little used to the saltiness as I continued eating, but it was very noticeable and somewhat overpowering. Even the pickles on it were extra salty with a sweet and bitter flavor.

The bun was delicious, I think it had butter on it and the the texture was soft, reminding me a bit of brioche. It didn’t fall apart and held the burger together well — it was just the right size (sometimes the bun is too big and all you taste is bread).

The french fries were also extremely salty, no surprise. They were faintly crispy and soft on the inside. I like them crispier.

I’m sorry, I can only give this burger four stars — super salty is just not my thing. However if you like salty, you should try this burger.

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