MBC – Mission Bowling Club

MBC - Mission Bowling Club
4 out of 5 Stars

MBC - Mission Bowling Club on Yelp

3176 17th St
San Francisco, CA 94110 Map

1/2lb aged and granulated patty, Monterey jack, grilled onion, caper aioli – $15 (comes with zesty, skinny chips).

The burger was super thick and a juicy, glorious mess, which I love. The patty flavor was really good and it was cooked perfectly (lightly charred on the outside and a little pink in the middle). The patty was also fluffy, if you can imagine that! The caper aioli added great flavor, possibly the best thing about the burger. It was delicious and I would eat it again, but it’s still not the best and a touch pricey. This doesn’t factor into my scoring, but they’re also a quick walk from my house, which also makes it likely that I will eat there again.

The zesty fry/chip things were good too, but I’d rather have real fries. I didn’t bowl, but that place is super busy and popular, so if you want the burger and the bowling you should definitely make a reservation. We walked in around 8 on a Thursday night and were able to sit at the high tables by the bar immediately. The decor was fun too, I took a picture of the neat sculpture/light fixtures.

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