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Soccer Cafe
3 out of 5 Stars

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2797 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103 Map

There’s great potential for me to be biased on this one. See, the Soccer Cafe is just two blocks away from where I live and work. I go there often and usually love what I get. On top of that, the people there are extremely friendly. You could say that my expectations for the burger was pretty high.

I ordered one of the day’s specials, a Blue Cheese Burger. It came with some macaroni salad, for a total of about $8.50. The burger didn’t look that great when I unwrapped it. I forgot to say no onions, and it had mustard on it (yuck). The top of the bun was a little over toasted, but I usually like my bread products over crispy.

I took my first bite and was not as happy as I hoped I’d be. The bread was a little too crumbly for my taste and the mustard really threw me off. I managed to get a couple bites of the meat by itself. The flavoring was pretty good, but again, didn’t knock me off my feet. In conclusion, I’d say the burger was edible, but I probably won’t order one again.

The macaroni salad however, was fantastic. They put jalapeƱo peppers and pineapple in – a true delight to my taste buds!

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