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Rose's Cafe
4 out of 5 Stars

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2298 Union St
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Albie and I used to eat breakfast at Rose’s Cafe with our friend Ben, but we haven’t been there in quite a while. The breakfast is really good, so I thought maybe a burger would be too. I took a look at their menu online and discovered this: Rose’s Grass Fed Beef Burger & Fried Potatoes $12 (+$2 with cheddar cheese). Sold! Let’s go try it.

The first couple of bites seemed a little too salty for me, but that seemed to dissipate as I ate on. It was cooked just the way I like, crispy on the outside, but not quite medium enough on the inside. It did however dish up a nice mess, drippy mess. In general the burger was really good quality, but the flavor was nothing special. The mayo aioli was probably the most special thing about it. So I’m giving it a high rating for being good quality and highly edible, just not the perfect burger for me.

And the fries – fried potatoes, quite good.

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