The View Cafe

The View Cafe
2 out of 5 Stars

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3333 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118 Map

The View Cafe is a little cafeteria on the UCSF Campus. Albie and I were excited about this place because we were hoping it would be a replacement for the Palm, which closed down last year. It was a little odd getting in and finding the cafeteria. We had to sign in with security, go up to the second floor and smell our way there.

The cafeteria was pretty typical, menu-wise and layout-wise. The burger was really cheap and came with a side (salad or chips) and drink – totaling about $7.

We found a seat outside, hoping that the place was named for its view. But it was not. We could barely see the tops of the buildings downtown due to all the plants and shrubbery. That said, it was a gorgeous outdoor setting.

Now on to the burger. I was utterly disappointed. It was yet another standard patty, and it didn’t even have extra grill flavor. I was completely unimpressed. It sort of reminded me of the burger you’d get in high school.

When we finished we tried to leave by going down some steps to find that there’s no way out but back through the building, which was completely locked up. Luckily there was a person outside talking on the phone, she let us back in and informed us that you need a badge to open the doors.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t bother going there. The only reason I’m giving them two stars instead of one is that the burger was edible, though not special.

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